Our commitment to and the development engaged in gaining a competitive advantage makes us specialists in domestic and international transport.

We like challenges posed by organization of transportation even for the most demanding customers. Commission us to organize transport for you and see how fast we will arrange it. We adjust to the changing market.

Transport evaluation

We understand the importance of initial estimation of transport costs for each type of business. We offer a detailed valuation of the transport service, including all factors affecting the price. Just fill in the form by answering the questions it contains.

Road transport

Our experienced drivers are extremely familiar with national and international roads and move along them in a quick and efficient manner, delivering goods on time to their place of destination.


Currently, the whole range of services we provide in the area of international and domestic transport is insured by Gothaer, a reputable insurance company. The amount of the carrier’s third-party liability insurance is EUR 350,000, with none goods or forms of risk excluded. This amount and the insurance versatility allows us to meet the highest demands of our customers and ensure reliability when rendering transport services with our means of transport.

Transport of bulk commodities

We specialize in transport of bulk commodities. We have provided the highest quality transport services for years, meeting the agreed deadlines. First of all, we transport road salt, which is in the greatest demand in winter.

Transport of fresh and frozen products

In order to ensure that fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish – transported from various countries in Europe and around the world – reach producers, wholesalers and distributors throughout the year, while staying fresh and maintaining their high quality, efficient and competent transport that ensures appropriate conditions is required.

Fresh food is transported by refrigerated vehicles that control and keep the required temperature on an ongoing basis. Specialist drivers are able to adjust the transporting temperature to the items being transported, and, if necessary, to cool the goods after loading so as to ensure their highest quality for their final recipient. Products are transported in optimal conditions, and customers can be absolutely sure about the quality of the service provided.

We offer refrigerated vehicles with a capacity of even up to 24 tons. The vehicles are designed for transportation of goods in controlled temperature from -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. They are provided with full documentation and accessories that guarantee the highest quality of the service: ATP certificates, sanitary record books, replacement pallets and thermographs with printouts. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS devices. Thanks to this, we ensure constant communication with the driver and the ability to monitor the performance of the transport service at its every stage.

Transportation of industrial products

We provide comprehensive services in the field of transport of industrial goods. A characteristic feature of this group of products is the large mass and volume of the transported goods. This category includes steel products (pipes, rods, billets, sheets, coiled steel, scrap, etc.), bulk industrial materials (pellets, coal, road salt, sand, etc.), chemical materials and ADR dangerous products. Annually, we carry about 45 thousand tons of this type of cargo. We have a specially adjusted vehicle fleet, which allows us to organize transport of loads of various dimensions.

For transport of industrial products, we offer you:

  • vehicles covered with tarpaulins (with the loading option from the top, sides and rear),
  • colimulde semi-trailers (specialized vehicles designed for transportation of steel in coils),
  • dumper trucks (designed for transportation of bulk materials, with carrying capacity of 27 tons and capacity of 40 to 70 m3).

In order to adjust the services to your needs as far as possible, we prepare a tailored offer before starting cooperation. We provide services to both companies and individual clients. We always focus on the highest quality of our services – the good condition of your products and their timely delivery to their place of destination are our priorities.

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