We know how to effectively and safely reach a destination. The development and involvement with which we gain a competitive advantage make us specialists in national and international transport.

We enjoy challenges of organising transport even for the most demanding customers. Sign a transport contract with us and see how quickly it will be completed. We adapt to the ever-changing market.

We mainly operate in countries such as Germany, Holland, Italy, France as well as in the Eastern Europe. We specialise in transporting fresh, industrial, mixed products by any available fleer, especially reefers.

We are distinguished by comprehensiveness and flexibility in operations.

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Transport of industrial goods

We provide comprehensive industrial goods transport services. Such group of products is characterised by the great weight and volume of the goods transported. This category includes steel products (pipes, bars, billets, plates, steel coils, scrap metal, etc.), loose industrial materials (pellet, coal, road salt, sand, etc.) chemicals and dangerous goods (ADR). We transport annually about 45 thousand tons of such loads. We have specially adapted fleet of vehicles, which enables us to organise transport of loads of different dimensions.

To transport industrial products we offer:

To start fruitful and long-standing cooperation we are able to prepare a personalised offer for companies and individuals.

Transport of fresh and frozen products

Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products are delivered to producers, wholesalers and distributors from Europe and all over the world throughout the year, retaining at the same time quality and freshness. Before they are delivered they need to be transported in appropriate conditions. This operation is very difficult and requires knowledge and expertise. Fresh food is transported by reefers, which constantly control and maintain an appropriate temperature. Qualified drivers can adjust temperature for the products transported, and in extreme situations even cool down goods after loading to ensure their highest quality at the final customer. Goods are transported in appropriate conditions, and customers can have complete confidence as to the quality of the service.

We offer reefers of a payload of up to 24 tons. The vehicles are designed to transport goods at controlled temperatures between 25 to +25 Celsius degrees. They have ATP certificates, sanitary certificates, replacement pallets, thermographs with printers and GPS systems. Thanks to this we can ensure constant communication with the driver, and temperature control during the entire transport process.